About Baldwin by Design

Creating custom interiors and exteriors to enhance and reflect your lifestyle.


It begins with the Vision.

For Susan Pearce Baldwin, founder of Baldwin by Design, those visions seem to have come easily to her as she has amassed a huge portfolio of award-winning projects. From new home design, remodeling/interior home design, home staging, merchandising new model homes, outdoor living spaces, retirement hide-a-ways, weekend beach houses and designing single-family residences to incorporate the fast-growing trend of blended families.

For Susan, the process is simple; it begins with the client consultation followed by a private walk-through of the proposed project. Almost immediately, the ideas start emerging when she begins to survey and visualize the rooms—from architectural details and traffic flow to colors, textures and the views from the windows. All the while, she is simultaneously envisioning her client’s daily routine and lifestyle. “As cliché as it may sound—I have to actually feel and absorb the space of whatever project I’m hired to design,” says Baldwin. “I can actually see, feel, and hear it”

If you are building from the ground up, adding on a room or remodeling to land your dream bathroom or kitchen—you owe it to yourself to give Susan the opportunity to demonstrate her capabilities. Susan has a unique style she blends into each project along with a fiery passion of chic creativity.

If your color mojo is speaking bold, comfortable high-end, contemporary or smooth, creamy cool blends wrapped in traditional motifs, or even a modern swanky twist of both—rest your fears—because Susan’s knack for understanding client dreams magically becomes visible when the project transforms into a luxurious, functional, custom-designed retreat.

Fortunately, for Susan, her design and construction ‘know-how’ skills and ability were consistently challenged and tested in her preceding career as vice president of marketing for a large Houston based new home builder.

During one of the largest and most robust housing eras, Susan was on the front lines being hands-on to discriminating buyers who possessed sophisticated styles and uncompromising design challenges. During this time, Susan championed some cutting edge trends in high quality construction engineering technology allowing her to distinguish between first rate products and materials versus other substandard methods or brands.

Best characterized by her high energy; attention to detail and artistic inspired style—Susan draws upon her sound business acumen, raw skill and choosing to work with only the finest, most carefully selected vendors in order to adequately satisfy her clients.